Sunday, March 20, 2011

Trevor's first two wheel adventure

Trevor took the traning wheels off his bike by himself Saturday morning. So I had the proverbial teaching a kid to ride a two wheeler experience. It was pretty cool. Below is a video of a successful run for your viewing enjoyment.

Of course any time safeties are removed, giving a person more freedom, the chance for pain or other such mayhem increases.

If you think he looks bad you should have seen what he did to my neighbor's mailbox. Those address numbers will never be the same.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Princess and the Puppy (bad dog)

New Years Eve: a happy time to reflect on the happenings of the year gone by, or rush your only daughter to the emergency room for the second time, whichever comes first. It was a warmish day in in the low country around high 60's low 70's. My Lovely Wife took the kids plus a neighbor to the park about a half mile walk. I was at the house when my cell rings, "I need you here now! M's eye is bleeding all over the place." I calmly respond "Where is here? Are you at the park?" The response comes, "No at the corner. Get here!" Still not entirely sure where here is I grab a clean wet cloth and hop in the van. I find them near a corner. Both M and my Wife are decently blood covered; I guess about a half cup or so.

The event:
a neighbor was walking his dog (think the Shaggy DA of Disney movie fame) All of the kids ask to pet; owner says yes. Next part is a little fuzzy but M said "I think I hugged the dog too tight" and she gets knocked down and stepped on by this big furry pet. We stop the bleeding and call the after hours nurse at the Navy clinic. She says take her to the ER, so off to the hospital we go, after dropping the boys off at another neighbor/member of the church. At the ER they make sure the eye is not damaged and clean her up a little She was not helpful in these endeavors. They prescribe some antibiotics to help reduce the infection risk and tell us to keep the wounds moist with Neosporin-like stuff to reduce the scarring and help with infection. M for the most part is her happy self unless you ask to touch her eye.

Are you Strange when?

So Just before Christmas I was driving home and saw some road kill. Not that unusual in and of itself, however upon looking closely it was possum road kill which is a little out of the ordinary for these parts. It did remind me of the Seattle area of wenst I came. Where the chicken crossed the road to prove to the possum it could be done. The situation begs the question are you strange if road kill makes you a little home sick?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Tonight was family night after a very short lesson Stephanie said the closing prayer. The 3 oldest were less then reverent. Rule is if you are not reverent during prayers you go straight to bed no reading time and in this instance. no family night treat ( home made popcorn balls) the howling that ensued was of Titanic proportions. but the quote of the night and the reason for this post came from Trevor
"Can't we stop this consequence thing"
I have been explaining to Trevor when he needs discipline that there are consequences for actions. Stopping the consequence thing is so not my call. Way out of my league and I'm kind of glade about that.

Monday, January 18, 2010

part B with Pictures

I got a little more done on my work bench. this weekend was a bit of a recharge. I only worked 4 hours on Saturday and 7 today. Stephanie had a meeting on Saturday or I might of worked longer but it was a nice break. I am including some pictures dealing with my last post. also one of some shelves I built over christmas stand down. and one of Sterling because he is cute. if a little dirty.

I think I have decided to go with a simple lever and 4 bar type machine for the raising and lowering of the tool bench. I should be able to finish it next
month some time or possibly the month after depending on
time and finances. A picture is a good as a thousand words and I don't want to type that much so you-all will have to wait for the pitcher.
work feels more like school right now but I am learning some interesting things. right now I am learning about how to control nuclear reactors. I
could tell you more but well you know.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Garage organization + update

Hello World,

in the little spare time I have I am attempting to get the garage in order. I brought my tools with me but have no place to put them. I did take my old tool case from when I was a copier repair person and turn it in to a kind of fix it kit. inside are the basics.

6 way Screw driver (very handy)
Allen keys
adjustable wrench
small drill bit set + driver set
cordless drill
cordless impact wrench (my new favorite tool I highly recommend one)
ear plugs
tape measure
little wall hanging kit (drywall fasteners / picture hangers)
torpedo level

that's about it

the idea is any time a project or chore needs done I grab my basic kit that has all the essentials in it all ready. so far I like it a lot. a cheaper tool box would work fine for most people I just happened to have my old tool brief case laying around.

I have one side of a tool bench built my hope is to make a sturdy bench that sits on big legs most of time but has casters (wheels) that lower so it can be easily moved. I have had lots of ideas on how to do this most would work but I'm not quite happy with any of them yet. I will end up putting the bench together and adding the casters and some point in the future. I would also like to build a smaller cart that holds my chop-saw at the right level so I can use the work bench as a feed table for it.

I am moving along at work. I am having to put in lots of hours to accomplish the things they want me to but I should be able to qualify by mid March. Time commitment should drop a little once at that point. until I get my first class.

I will stop this post before a ramble more maybe I'll try to do another one on different topics in a few days


Sunday, December 13, 2009


hello world its been awhile, I did survive ODS flew home drove with Steph and the Kids across the country and arrived in Charleston SC. We closed on the house latter than planed but got in and it is nice. Our last home was small but had lots of storage this house is big with very little storage. so far I like the latter. adding storage is way easer than adding floor space.

that was the catch-up paragraph.

About thee weeks after we arrived the bishop called Stephanie and me in for an interview where he called Stephanie to be the RS president. now I was a little surprised but also have great faith in wife's many talents and wonderfulnesses (I don't believe the the spellchecker did not mark that as wrong) She was set apart today with one counselor the 2nd is forthcoming. So I have lots of faith that Stephanie will do a great job and I have always tried to support my fantastic marvelous and all things nice wife. I will have to admit I have slight feelings of worry. I have not had to share Stephanie before. I guess with the kids a little but when I am home she does an excellent job of making me feel like I come first. Now I know there will be many times when I am home with the kids and she is out using her super powers for the betterment of other people and I am not 100% sure I want to share. I support I love and I raised my hand today to sustain her and I will but I will miss her too.